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Office cleaning

Excel Cleaning Services is a reliable Office cleaning services provider with foundations deeply rooted in the English community and here are some of the areas that you can use our services in Check the list of areas here.

We firmly believe great quality does not necessarily mean the service will end up expensive and therefore we strive to offer a package of affordability and sheer professionalism. Although our prices are likely to come out as the lowest you can find around, bear in mind additional charges such as congestion may apply. Speak to our representatives to get an exact and final quote for your curtain cleaning.

Note that we work seven days a week, even on bank holidays so get in touch and book yourself a cleaning at a convenient date and time.

Commercial cleaning

"The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office." Robert Frost

Diligently maintaining of a perfect hygiene in your office has positive connotations to any visitor, employee or a client. Cleanliness is a state of the inhabited environment, which penetrates the psyche, forming attitudes, defines the relationship, affects decisions, creates positive emotions and make conditions for the company to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. To do this, you need a professional cleaning company Kroz ™ to clean your office.

The subscription to office cleaning services , ensures that the premises of your company possess a high level of hygiene. The employees, customers and your guests will abide in a clean and safe working environment. Our employees are highly trained in all aspects of work, personal hygiene, health and safety. With a commitment to cleaning offices, we traditionally reckoned to individual specific requirements of each client.

Our priorities are corporate security and control of quality of service at every stage of the cleaning process.

Office cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning in your non-working hours;
  • Cleaning process supervised;
  • Only a professional cleaning products;

Cleaning process takes place in your non-working hours, with having in mind all of your individual requirements and criteria. The cleaning process is supervised by supervisors who have at least 3 years experience in a managerial position in Kroz ™ company. We using only a professional cleaning products, equipment and machinery, certified for safety and environmental friendly.

For cleaning processes we will perform a preliminary survey, conduct hygiene audits, produce personal hygiene and health plan performance of services tailored to the characteristics of the site, type of business, number of employees, size and number of rooms, the degree of soiling, type, quantity and composition of the required and permissible cleaning agents. Based on specialized hygienic toilet facility plan, we will prepare individual plans for each employee.

Cheap Office cleaning services

This are the basic prices for our cleaning services. If you like to see the price that are valid for your location, please find you county and browse to your area location.

price service description
£ 0 prices are negotiable More than 20 hours per week
£ 10 Per hour Once a week, 3-5 hours
£ 9.5 Per hour More than 5 hours per visit
£ 11 Per hour Once a week, 2 hours

The amount calculated for your quote will be consistent with the minimum call out charge for each branch of the relevant area. Your overall price may change once you reach this minimum call out charge.

NOTE: For additional information see our Check out all of our prices here or get a Free quote.

Customers testimonials

I just want to say Thank you to Qvor from the call center. You did a great job and I won't forget it! Once again, thank you, Qvor!

- Allycia Baxton / St. Johns Wood, London | 10-09-2014

Hi, I love to see Excel Cleaning Services doing their Office cleaning job eagerly. I haven't used professional cleaning services before, but this one is awesome. If I need a Commercial cleaning, no doubt, I'll call you again. Thank you,

- Vanessa Grant / Fareham

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