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Carpet cleaning

Excel Cleaning Services is a reliable Carpet cleaning services provider with foundations deeply rooted in the English community and here are some of the areas that you can use our services in Check the list of areas here.

We firmly believe great quality does not necessarily mean the service will end up expensive and therefore we strive to offer a package of affordability and sheer professionalism. Although our prices are likely to come out as the lowest you can find around, bear in mind additional charges such as congestion may apply. Speak to our representatives to get an exact and final quote for your curtain cleaning.

Note that we work seven days a week, even on bank holidays so get in touch and book yourself a cleaning at a convenient date and time.

Rug cleaning

If stains or bad smell are torturing you, call us and we'll remove them for you at an amazing price

Why should you book with a professional cleaning company

Carpet cleaning has traditionally been done by vacuum cleaners or taken down the dry cleaner and worked on by skilled professionals. In more recent years, technology has finally caught up with homeowners’ needs for a simple, effective, on-site procedure that will also be relatively inexpensive on top everything else. This is exactly what Excel Cleaning Services offers in as well as other surrounding areas. Our professional carpet cleaning will take your breath away whether you needed a simple refreshment or you are moving out and need to impress the landlord and ease deposit retrieval. We are more than happy to acknowledge that carpet cleaning is no longer time consuming, difficult or expensive. Read on to find out what else you will receive.


What benefits do we offer you

Superior quality. Needless to say, quality of cleaning is our highest priority. Many clients have already tried and tested what we are capable of and were more than satisfied with the results.

No equipment charges. We will take full responsibility for the provision of cleaning supplies and equipment. Customers do no need to provide anything but access.

Comprehensive coverage. This area was among the first we began working for and it therefore enjoys 100% coverage. Many more areas are covered as well so check our website or ask our friendly representatives over phone or email.

Free quote. All our clients enjoy the privilege or a free quote. Simply describe the details of the job you would like us to do and we can instantly quote it.

No time limitations. Cleaning of the carpets may take more than we originally anticipate but this is irrelevant to the price. We will stay for as long as we have to until the job is done and without any price amendments.


How do we work

The carpet cleaning process we utilize is formally known as hot-water extraction method. Its an advanced version of the popular term steam cleaning. In short, the process entails the following: the carpet technician will thoroughly inspect the carpet type and especially the pile to determine appropriate machine settings. Then vacuuming will take place in order for small pieces of dirt to be removed. After that, spots and stains will receive treatment in order to make them easier to remove during the next step. Finally, hot-water extraction will take place which essentially sprays and extracts hot water under pressure. As a result, carpets are almost completely dry at the end of the cleaning.


Affodable carpet cleaning

Our professional carpet cleaning service in is already getting more and more notorious not only for its great quality but also for the price people are expected to pay. Affordable carpet cleaning is certainly not a myth and it could be found if one dares to look long enough. Excel Cleaning Services is more than happy to call itself among the cheapest carpet cleaning service provider and we do so without taking away from the quality of the provided service.

Cheap Carpet cleaning services

This are the basic prices for our cleaning services. If you like to see the price that are valid for your location, please find you county and browse to your area location.

price service description
£ 19 Single Bedroom/s (Box Room/s) ~ (Up to 6.48㎡)
£ 24 Double Bedroom/s (6.5㎡ ~ 18.5㎡)
£ 28 Lounge (Dining~Reseption) ~ (Up to 20㎡)
£ 13 Hallway/s (Small Up to 6㎡)
£ 28 Flight of Stairs (max.13 Steps)
£ 7 Landing (Small Up to 4㎡)
£ 7 Bathroom/s (Toilet/s) (Small Up to 6㎡)
£ 48 Minimum charge Please note: There is a requirement of minimum charge (£48) per cleaning visit.

The amount calculated for your quote will be consistent with the minimum call out charge for each branch of the relevant area. Your overall price may change once you reach this minimum call out charge.

NOTE: For additional information see our Check out all of our prices here or get a Free quote.

Customers testimonials

I just want to say Thank you to Qvor from the call center. You did a great job and I won't forget it! Once again, thank you, Qvor!

- Allycia Baxton / St. Johns Wood, London | 10-09-2014

Hi, I love to see Excel Cleaning Services doing their Carpet cleaning job eagerly. I haven't used professional cleaning services before, but this one is awesome. If I need a Rug cleaning, no doubt, I'll call you again. Thank you,

- Vanessa Grant / Fareham

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