Frequently Asked questions

General Questions

Q. How many years have you been in this business?

HouseGleam has actually been in the cleaning business for over 15 years, but the company has just changed it's name and is now known throughout London with this name. Don't worry we've got all the experience in the world to help you with your cleaning needs.

Payment questions

Q. Do you need a deposit?

Nope, we do not charge a deposit upfront, or at least not if you don't want to pay such a deposit for your own convenience, so you don't need to carry cash on you for example.

Q. What kinds of payment do you accept?

We do accept the following types of payment - Cash payments, PayPal transfers and Card payments on our website for your convenience. We can charge your card over the phone as well if that's what you would prefer, because you don't feel comfortable writing the card details on a website, although we assure you our website is completely secure and we use PayPal's secure Gateway to accept card payments.

Q. Are there any cancelation fees?

Cancelation fees are applied only in cases in which the customer has canceled the session less than 48 hours before it was scheduled to begin. The fee amount depends on the kind of the service, but you will get this information if you decide to book your cleaning sessions with us, or call us.

Scheduling a cleaning

Q. When can the cleaners come?

We have cleaning teams in London serving all areas and postcodes. Usually we are able to provide cleaners in London on the same day, especially if you can call in the morning. We recommend an advance booking so that you can have the pick of appointment dates and times.

Q. What are HouseGleam's working hours?

You don't really have to worry about that, as our cleaners work 7 days a week, including bank holidays and we are extremely flexible in terms of the times of the cleaning sessions. Overnight end of tenancy cleaning is another option you can take advantage of with us.


Q. Are there any hidden fees?

No, there aren't! At HouseGleam we believe in transparency and our main goal has always been to provide top-notch services to you at the best possible cost. We value our customer's trust and hidden fees are simply something we wouldn't ever apply.
Take in mind that congestion charges and parking fees are not included in the price, just like with any other cleaning company in London.